Hikvision CCTV Support Page

Changed, reset or upgraded your broadband router? 

If your CCTV system was installed after January 2017 and you are using the Hik-Connect app, this does not apply to you.

If however your system was installed prior to this and you are still using the HiDDNS (iVMS-4500) app, then this applies to you.

When the engineer would have installed your system, a particular set of ‘Port Forwarding’ rules would have been applied to your router. If you change, upgrade or even reset your router (broadband modem) – then these settings will become non existent, as will your ability to remote view your CCTV. 

In order to resolve this, you can do one of the following:

1. Re-programme the rules into your router yourself.

The following ports will need to be opened and pointed at the ip address of your recorder

HTTP Port = 80
Server Port = 8000
RTSP Port = 554
HTTPS Port = 443

2. Buy a remote support ticket and get Usee.ie to re-programme the rules.

CCTV Remote support ticket

Remote support ticket entitles you to up to 45 minutes of support via a remote connection. This ticket is suitable if you require a router reconfigured 

3. Take out a cctv service and support contract.

CCTV service and support is available as a monthly subscription- please contact us for specific pricing for your home.