Downloading the app to your smart phone 

Congratulations on purchasing your Usee security system. Here are some simple instructions on howto download and use your app. You should immediately download the app to your phone and familiarise yourself with its settings.

Step One

You will need a smartphone and an account with Apple, Google or Windows.




Step Two

Search in the relevant app store for "HKC SECURECOMM" 



Step Three

Download the app to your phone - Please note that there is a charge for the app of €7.99. This charge is payable to google, apple or windows. To download the app you will need an active app store account with Apple, google play account or windows account. The cost of the app is set by the manufacturer HKC and Usee has no control over this cost. 


The app will download to your phone 

common problems in downloading the app are "forgotten passwords, credit cards expired, forgotten usernames etc etc "


Step Four 

Once the app has downloaded, open it on your phone and start practicing with the demo site. Here you can arm, disarm etc the demo site and get used to all the features the app has without causing any problems to your alarm system!!!

Step Five 

When the Usee engineer has completed your installation he will show you how to set up your phone. He will provide you with your unique site id allowing the app to be downloaded and used on  multiple devices with ease. 

Step Six

You have full control of your alarm system on your phone!


Play the video below for a full demo on how the app works