Crowd funded CCTV for towns and villages  


Selfwatch is a fast, easy and cost effective way for community groups and businesses to avail of the very latest in high definition CCTV surveillance for their town or village. Our system is built using a private network of powerful HD cameras which are shared easily with the Gardai. We utilise best in class cameras from Avigilon with world class analytics to ensure that all criminal activity can be easily investigated, prosecuted and deterred. A selfwatch town is a safe, smart and good place to do business. We wont turn your town into a prison with unsightly CCTV poles, cameras and signage, our powerful intelligent system blends into your environment silently waiting to help law enforcement should any criminal activity occur. 

How Does It Work


Simply get in touch with us and one of our design team will meet with you to discuss your requirements. 


Usee designs a system to cover your estate, town or village using the latest technology from Avigilon. 


Installation & locations of all cameras is agreed with all relevent stakeholders.


Usee heavily subsidises the cost of the system and any parties that are interested in utlising the system are invited to subscribe for a small monthly fee and become members of selfwatch.


Selfwatch members have access to a secure online community allowing intelligence and footage to be shared easily with the Gardai. Premium members have access to a live view of their business premises and surroundings. 

Data Protection & GDPR

The system complies with all elements of the new GDPR regulations with robust policies in place regards evidence retention and sharing with the Gardai. 

Features Overview

Some of the features from a Selfwatch system, built on the Avigilon range of cctv equipment 

bus 3.PNG

Super Clear High Definition Footage

Super HD resolutions from 1.3 megapixel up to 8K


Advanced Search Analytics 

Advanced AI with powerful search and retrieve feautures 


Best Of Breed Cameras & Evidence Sharing 

Market leading Avigilon HD cameras with self learning analytics, Secure evidence sharing portal 

Benefits (6).png

Safer community - Proven reduction in vandalism, anti social behaviour and criminal activity.

Reduced Insurance Premiums - Less crime, reduced premiums

Shopping - Increased shopping activity and footfall.

Gardai- Stronger partnership with the Gardai

Intelligence - Share intelligence on suspects. 

Deter mobile criminal gangs from your area with their increased risk of detection. 




How much does it cost?

Typically the service costs less than €19.99 a month for standard members and €29.99 a month for premium membership. 

Is there a long term contract?

The contract term is for a min of 12 months and renews annually. 

How is the evidence shared? 

Evidence is shared with members through our secure online portal and to law enforcement on production of pulse number. 

Who can request footage?

Any member or any law enforcement personnel with a pulse number.


Who can we help 

Residents associations looking for a cost effective CCTV system to protect their estate.

Community groups working to secure your town or village.

Business Associations looking to protect their members.


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