Intelligence services

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Covert Video & Audio and Tillspy

Our engineering team has unrivaled trade craft to install hidden CCTV and audio listening devices into the fabric of any building. All our covert technology equipment is custom manufactured to suit the clients needs and wants. Best in class audio and video can be partnered with our suite of Ai powered servers. This is security agency grade video and audio and is now available for your business. We offer till fraud and theft detection systems through our Tillspy software.


Video Analytics & Ai

Best in class video analytics from Avigilon are available for demo at our Experience centre.

Unusual motion detection

People & vehicle detection, loitering

Appearance search


Video Synopsis

BriefCam invented and owns the worldwide patents for Video Synopsis®, an innovative approach that allows organizations to review hours of video in minutes, sometimes seconds.

Video Synopsis superimposes objects on a stationary background, simultaneously displaying events that have occurred at different times, with the ability to link back to original video.

The result?  Review hours of video in minutes, sometimes seconds. As a Briefcam partner we can provide you with a realtime demo at our surveiallance experience centre in North Dublin.