Home Security Design Process

All our systems are designed and installed to meet the following criteria

  1. Protecting you while in residence by providing comprehensive perimeter protection and panic response capabilities, backed by the very best support for all emergencies.

  2. Protecting your property and contents while you are away from your home with comprehensive perimeter protection, internal detection and verified activity reporting.

  3. The very best security products with proven design, quality and after sales support.

  4. Easy to use systems with non complicated jargon, programmed by highly trained engineers.

  5. Supported with the only dedicated HKC Securewatch support hub with automated servicing ensuring a full value life cycle for your security systems.

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If the property is wired for a security system there should be white or brown cables hanging at your windows & doors
We install a combined intertia sensor and magnetic reed contact to each door.
We fit a combined inertia sensor and magnetic reed contact to every window and an additional magnetic reed contact to any openings.
We fit a combined inertia sensor and magnetic reed contact to every window and additional reed contact to any openings.
As standard we fit a minimum of two internal movement detectors with all our systems-
As standard we provide one double push panic button normally installed in the master bedroom -if you require additional please indicate below.
We can install a wireless 24 hour monitored smoke/heat detector in any part of your property - how many do you require? We recommend a min of two to compliment our systems ( one on the landing and one in the kitchen)
We can install a wireless carbon monoxide detector that is 24 hour monitored in any part of your property- ( we recommend that a carbon monoxide detector is installed near any boilers, open fires etc)
We provide the following as standard on all our systems 1 Service hub connection to allow software updates/remote servicing 2 App control - notifications and texts - allowing you to control your alarm system and receive real time alerts. 3 Manned monitoring by our control centre in Dublin with emergency service response where required. 4- On site service per annum PLEASE NOTE ALL USEE SYSTEMS ARE MONITORED AND PRICING IS FIXED FOR THE TERM OF YOUR CONTRACT.