Business Watch

All Usee business customers receive secure access to our digital business watch service. This service is a secure online portal that allows you to store, secure and share vital video evidence with your colleagues, insurers and Gardai. It's basically your online digital library for all things security. Easy to use technical support, copies of manuals, and your video evidence are all in the one place. In addition you have a secure forum just for your own business allowing you to build intelligence and share information across your business securely.





A secure online forum where you can 

  • Share crime intelligence securely within your business.

  • Get answers to common support issues quickly 

  • Help new members of your team understand any security issues within your business.

  •  Share company information securely.


Usee Cloud CCTV-logo.png

CCTV  network 

Have access to the Selfwatch network of cameras. 

  • View camera locations in your area. 

  • Share video evidence easily with the Gardai.

  • Request CCTV evidence from other cameras in your area. 

  • Have your CCTV evidence retrieved professionally & distributed.


Technical Support 

  • Open a ticket quickly with Usee Support. 

  • See all your support issues in the one place.

  • Track all support activity.

  • Access your online library of manuals & walk through videos.

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