Choosing a CCTV system and making the right choice

Are you about to invest in a new CCTV system? How can you be sure you're not being sold junk? 🤠 Some simple questions to ask:

1) Where is the equipment manufactured?
2) Has the manufacturer a history of cyber issues? Google them yourself!
3) Check out the equipment pricing online, Amazon is a good start. You'll get a true idea of the value of the equipment being recommended.
4) Ask your installer for a copy of their engineers' qualifications and most recent training certs.
5) Ask for a sample of the camera or go see their demo room. See for yourself the quality of the build. Compare and question!
6) Ask for a sample video of the camera being specified. Ensure it shows people / cars moving in the scene during the day AND night.
7) Check out your installers reviews / customer service on line
😎 Ask questions about system resolution, recording time, frame rates, power consumption etc. 
9) Ask if the recorder is noisy. Does it whine? Does it rely on internal fans running all the time for cooling? (that noise gets very annoying after awhile!)
10) Does your installer offer a trade in after the warranty expires? if so, do they guarantee you a trade in price?

Remember not all CCTV is the same. Don't compromise. We are, we are #premiumsecurity

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