Safezone CCTV by Usee - community CCTV in Donabate Village

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CCTV that works for your town and village 24/7

We have recently completed a testing phase of our Safezone concept in Donabate Village ( our hometown), we deployed an Avigilon analytics edge recorder with H4SL bullets over a wireless IP network. While the system was only in place for 90 days we provided over forty hours of footage to the Gardai. We helped provide evidential quality video that included number plate data for a van tool theft on the church grounds & a burglary by a professional gang on a local restaurant. Fast search with hard evidence, its what we do. Are you getting us? hashtag#premiumsecurity Safezone is a service that can be deployed quickly in any town, village or housing estate using state of the art hardware by Avigilon installed and programmed by

Get in touch with us on 01-8400300 or through the contact page of our website to learn more about our CCTV systems in the community