Designing a high definition CCTV system

It started, as it usually does, with a referral.

The initial inquiry came in through our website ( and was specific in their needs - which were many.  They were referred to by a respected business colleague and needed to upgrade their CCTV systems.  Their business is located on a 7 acre site in north county Dublin, which includes multiple warehouses, an office building, and a car park.  They currently have approximately forty cameras, internal and external, and are looking for a combination of replacements cameras, additional cameras, and integration of the existing ones.  They need to be able to track vehicles, identify reg plates, and receive alerts of would be intruders and unusual activity.

Stage one in CCTV design - the walkthrough

We got in touch and arranged an initial walk through of the site for the following day. This a very important part of our design process. This is where we get to understand the clients needs by listening to their problems, past and ones that envisaged in the future. We get to see first hand on how the site works, staff movements, vehicle speeds etc. 

Walking through the site gave us a feel for the company and their requirements.  We were able to draw up a first draft of suggestions based on what they had and how their needs had evolved since the original installation.    Next step was to arrange a meeting at the Usee headquarters.

With any project, domestic or commercial, small, big, or daunting!, you deal with people and it’s important to development a relationship that works from both sides.  You need the time to listen to what your client wants and hear what they need, as they’re not always the same thing! But our job is to come up with the best solution, within their budget.

Stage two of HD CCTV design

So, the Managing Director and the Head of their IT department came out to Donabate (to be honest, not that big of a trip as we’re just off the M1 north of Dublin Airport)  We had also asked the head of Avigilon Ireland and their chief Integrations expert, to be here to ensure that every single question that could possibly be asked would be answered.  We got the sausage rolls and coffee in, and started the demo of the products we love.

We showed them .

Avigilon High Definition CCTV acc 6


High Definition CCTV by and Avigilon

Avigilon Appearance search 


Avigilon ANPR 


Avigilon 360 degree camera technology 

Avigilon 30 Megapixel High Definition Cameras


Video Analytics



Moving to the final design

Now, what next?   We have organised a second visit for an in depth, intensive break down of the site.  We’ll bring our own technical guru and spend the time checking over every nook and cranny.  We’ll sit down and brain storm the best solution to meet all the client’s requirements. We need to think about coverage, weather durability, analytics, cost, range,

And then, when the plan comes together, we’ll present it to the client for consideration.   

Stay tuned - we’ll let you know how things go. If you would like to start your design with get in touch with us by phoning 018400300 .