What Makes Usee Different?

We recently received an email from a prospective customer and, as we felt it was a genuine question, thought we'd share our response.  Remember - cost and value are two different things....

"We are comparing alarms at the moment and like the sound of your product. However Usee's installation costs seem to be at least double if not four times more than your competitors. Why is this and are you offering any deals on installation?"

I note you're thinking of having an alarm fitted and have been getting different quotes.  It's hard for me to explain the difference of Usee without knowing what you've been quoted for, and from whom.   I can only assume you have been quoted for cheaper products with less components than what Usee considers a standard installation.   

Usee's reputation is built on providing comprehensive security solutions to ensure the best possible protection for your home.  We are in regular contact with the Gardai and, in the last twelve months, burglaries on homes have become more sophisticated and violent.  Our main objective is to counter all threats and our system designs are evolving all the the time to reflect that.  

Generally, when you break down the quotes into the number of components / devices being fitted, a Usee system tends to offer more value for money, both on cost and security.  

But maybe the following points will help explain Usee a bit better:

- we fit one inertia sensor and one contact to every window as standard.  These devices detect vibration as well as the open action of the window.  Our aim is to let you know if a window has been left open as you arm the system, as well as some one attempting to force open a closed window. 

- we fit one inertia sensor and one contact to every external door as standard.  This way the doors are secured the same way as the windows.

- We fit two internal beams as standard in every home.  One wired beam is fitted in the hallway, and the second is fitted in a location best decided by the engineer when he sees the layout of the house.

- Our focus is perimeter security, defending your home from an intruder, with internal protection as a back up.  Some alarm companies focus on internal protection only which relies on the intruder already being in the house before setting off the alarm. 

- We only use the HKC Securewatch range of products. This is an Irish company and is the most user friendly, widely used alarm product range in the country.  They're also aesthetically pleasing products - no plastic crap here!  

- Some alarm companies use products specific to their company which binds you to them going forward as their products cannot be serviced or replaced by another company. 

- We allow a full day for each installation.  The engineer focuses on your system only, and has the time, however much is needed, to sit down with you and set up individual settings to suit you and your family, and ensure you're happy using the app. 

- We fit self activating branded bell boxes with a working strobe light, which will sound in the event of an activation.  A Usee bell box identifies a home that has all its windows and doors secured.

- The HKC alarm app used by Usee is monitored via a secure gsm network and does not rely on your home broadband.  This means your system will remain monitored in the event of a power failure and does not leave you vulnerable to cyber security threats

- 98% of our work comes from referrals.  This is down to our high standard of installation and excellent after sales support.  We like to develop relationships with our customers and if you ever have an issue / query you speak with real people, not a call centre who knows you only as a number.  I'm confident you could knock on any door with a Usee bell box and they will recommend our company to you. 

- We don't spend a huge amount of money on marketing 'our latest offer'.  We prefer to spend our money on staff training and education, and don't offer 'special deals' - our prices are based on the number of windows and doors in your property.

- We are registered with the Private Security Authority and the EQA and have passed our audit every single year with flying colours.  All engineers hold a current Safe Pass and undergo regular training.  

- Usee customers will soon be invited to become part of our digital neighbourhood watch community.

- Our security systems are not cheap, they offer real value for money.  A Usee system is a long term investment in the protection of your home. 

If you would like a quote for a security system at your home, please don't hesitate to contact us! Tel 018400300 or info@usee.ie