Customer feedback for HKC monitored alarm systems in Dublin

Usee customer service

This customer contacted Usee for a HKC Securewatch alarm system. They asked us to visit their new home in swords. 

After meeting this customer i asked why they chose Usee as a possible installer for their security system.

The customer told me that they had done a lot of research online about security installers. I found it extremely interesting to learn that out of 100 companies they looked into and emailed for more information, Usee and one other company made the top two for a number of reasons. 

Reasons to pick Usee

1. Fast response to the usee online contact page

2. Usee took time to do a site visit to answer any questions and to put the customers mind at ease. 

3. We only install HKC Securewatch and this was exactly what the customer was looking for. They knew the quality of this product and the fact all of our systems are gsm self monitored with the hkc app was a huge plus.

4. Usee hold Private Security Authority of Ireland license

monitored home alarm systems

We are , we are premium security 

CCTV for the residential customer

The fast response time and site visit led to the conversation moving on. I then learnt that CCTV was something they were interested in. The customer knew his stuff especially when it came to IP CCTV systems and cybersecurity. 

When i explained that Usee had been looking at a new product for residential CCTV the Axis Companion range, the customer loved its capability and knew how this was the only option for secure residential IP CCTV. This system is fantastic only this week i have been testing it with outstanding results.