Usee awarded new Avigilon CCTV install in North Dublin Hotel

New Avigilon CCTV installed in North Dublin hotel by the Usee Hospitality division.

The hotel for this CCTV install got in touch with us after searching for CCTV installers that specialize in Hotels,  Usee Hotels 

They wanted to protect the hotel after a number of incidents had occurred in the carpark area. The hotel is in a remote area of North Dublin and knew Usee had the answers to make this happen.

New Avigilon CCTV installed

The customer wanted a professional CCTV system to protect the hotel. After a consultation with the hotel we quickly came to the decision that the only option to suit the requirements of the hotel was Avigilon CCTV.  Avigilon CCTV systems are incredibly fast and easy to search through hours of footage in minutes. This is achieved by using Avigilon Analytics to break down what you are looking for with artificial intelligence.  


Avigilon UMD 

This Avigilon system has the UMD artificial inelegance, unusual motion detection (UMD) works by the system learning the scene its viewing, the intelligent software will make a distinction between a normal scenario and an unusual scenario.  The system can then alert users via email and the Avigilon app to whats happening.  The UMD also makes searching back through footage of unusual activity lighting quick. 


Usee GDPR Compliance 

When this system was installed the customer was handed over Usee GDPR compliance documentation as is the case with all new Usee CCTV installs, GDPR came into effect on the 25th of May 2018 by the Data Commissioner and means that if you have a CCTV system on your business it must be GDPR compliant or you can face a fine. managed services

Usee offer a managed service to customers. This means that we can come to an agreement on an install charge and then a monthly install plan. All this can make for a much more manageable cost over a few years. 


Are you looking for a CCTV Install for your hotel, if so we would love to hear from you.

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