New HKC Alarm install in Laytown, Co Meath

HKC Alarm system installed in Laytown Co Meath

The customer for this residential alarm system install got in touch with us after searching for HKC alarm system installers who held a Private Security Authority of Ireland license

They wanted to protect the new home they bought and knew Usee had the answers to make this happen.

New HKC Alarm install

The customer wanted a reliable security system to protect his new home. Crime is on the rise for new developments and the key way to stop your house being targeted is to get a alarms system fitted as your number one priority, he was delighted to learn we only install HKC Securewatch.

He was also very happy with the amount of sensors/beams we install and the reasons why.

Our recommendation alarm install was as follows

Installation of HKC combined inertia sensors on each window opening and doors to detect forced entry and the opening and closing of the window/door.

Installation of two number HKC quad Passive infra red beams to provide back up to the perimeter detection on all the windows and doors.

Installation of the HKC 10/70 alarm panel complete with slimline remote keypad.

At the front and back of the property we installed branded bellboxes in our signature black and red colouring.

App Control with HKC and

The system was installed with the HKC GSM SC which allows complete app control. Check out the video below to see the feature set. This service is standard with all security systems.

The HKC App delivers remote connectivity to HKC intruder alarm systems. Available in Apple, Android and Microsoft operating platforms users can remotely set, unset, check status, interrogate the logs etc. of their security system. The HKC app is standard with all alarm systems. alarm system installations

We only perform one installation per day, this means the engineer will clean up completely after himself, they will also spend as much time as is required to make sure you follow understand all the system features.


Are you looking for a residential alarm system Install, if so we would love to hear from you.

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