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Categories of till fraud  –

Sweet Hearting
An accomplice ‘sweetheart’ presents expensive items for purchase. The till operator rings up the items but at a lower price, or the till operator fails to register the items altogether. This type of loss shows up later as ‘stock shrinkage’. You may put it down to simple shoplifting.

No Sales / Void
‘No sales’ purchases accumulate a cash surplus in the till, which is then removed by the end of shift. ‘No sales’ should be exceptional items and should be checked, in particular towards the end of the shift. This however makes heavy demands on management times - which gives rogue staff the opportunity they are looking for. Voids are a variation of ‘no sale’, with a genuine purchase cancelled after the client had left the premises. The surplus is removed from the till at the end of the shift.

Returns and Refunds
Items of stock are removed from the shelves in a food store and presented to the check out for refund. Cash is paid to an accomplice (sweetheart) or to the till operator. Alternatively an accomplice finds a receipt from the store and returns to cash out. 

Substitute Scanning
Where checkouts are equipped with bar-code scanning devices, the operator passes two items over the scanning device at one time so that only one item is recorded, (normally the low value item) 


Our Tillspy service merges high definition CCTV with your till traffic - search all transactions of interest - see every void, refund in seconds - we provide the most powerful search software with ease of use. 

Our system is suitable for all retail stores, forecourt operators and sits quietly on your network with no connection at the operator Till meaning it cannot be interfered with. 

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