CCTV & GDPR solutions for your Hotel

Hotel Industry Solutions tailors hotel and hospitality security to meet our customers needs by utilising state-of-art-technologies specially selected for each individual building application. As a result, helps protect some of the largest and most prestigious hotels In Dublin City– we know hotel security. Whether you are responsible for guests and staff at a large, multi-facility franchise operation, or a stand-alone hotel or B & B, we have  a solution for your security requirements.

Our services and technologies include camera installations, monitoring and surveillance via real-time streaming HD video, access control, license plate recognition systems and individual duress pendants and systems for hotel personnel. 

Our innovative Hotel Security Platform is designed to manage today’s facilities, multiple buildings, active exercise, pool, and laundry facilities, and 24/7 car parks and construction projects. We have assisted hotel owners, security directors, and general managers in swiftly identifying and resolving issues, arranging restitution for property damage and reducing overall criminal and civil incidents. We know what works and know what does not.'s fully integrated camera surveillance, access management, and alarm technologies facilitate effective management and deter criminal activity in hospitality properties. We can provide a bespoke solution fully compliant with the GDPR to protect your brand reputation. 


The problems we hear 

  • Our CCTV system does not provide very clear images.

  • Every time there is an incident in the hotel we are worried that we may not have footage.

  • It's very difficult to search and investigate suspected fraud and criminal activity.

  • I think there is a problem with till fraud but I am not sure.

  • We have a problem with vehicles in the car park being broken into.

  • Our staff spend a lot of time dealing with footage requests from the Gardai.

  • We don't have any paperwork to say the cctv system is GDPR compliant.

  • There is an issue regards cyber security and pci compliance with the cctv system that is installed. Solutions 


Cash office 24/7 monitoring with anti - holdup technology.

Hand held and fixed panic systems. 

Night porter/ lone worker electronic protection. 

Networked access control systems.


CCTV upgrades to evidential quality HD video.

Fast search, footage retrieval and distribution.

Covert HD video and HD audio recording.

CCTV system service & repairs.

Intelligence proprietary TillSpy software for fraud detection.

ANPR - license plate recognition, record and search.

Footage archival and retrieval. 

24/7 Automated checking software to ensure system up time.


Crime & fraud investigation services.

Advanced analytics for vehicle & people detection.


Anonymisation & redaction services on your CCTV footage.

GDPR compliance for all CCTV systems. 

CCTV certification and licensing services.


To arrange a demo of any of our services 

contact our hospitality security specialist Mark Coughlan by

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