Anti Social Behaviour... We Hate It!!

We hate anti social behaviour here at Usee.. We also hate the excuses - 'Just kids being kids', 'They have nothing better to do', or 'What's the big deal, they didn't hurt anyone'....  Anti Social behaviour is nasty people doing horrible things ... because they think they can get away with it.  

Know what we love?  Premium quality, high definition cctv!  Does cctv stop anti social behaviour?  We think so.  Does it act as a deterrent?  Definitely.  Does it help catch the perpetrators?  With footage this clear, Absolutely! 

Something else we love is our Community.  And we respect and admire the people who do their best to improve it.  People who volunteer their time, their knowledge, and their skills to help make their community a better place to live - for everyone.  And we like football too, a lot.  

So, when we saw the mindless vandalism that was done to St. Ita's new all weather pitch, it really, really annoyed us.  St. Ita's AFC has provided a much needed outlet for the children of Donabate/ Portrane for generations, and we are very aware of the time and effort that was taken to get that pitch built.  And what those bullies did was wrong and unfair.  

As a result, we at Usee did what 'we' could.  We fitted a high definition cctv system that is as clear as looking through an open window.   

'Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.'  Theodore Roosevelt.  Our community is what we make it.  What can 'you' do to make it better?  



Ballimastone Allweather Pitch web.jpg