My Neighbour's Getting a CCTV System?!?

Occasionally, when fitting a camera system at a customer's home we get the odd neighbour coming out to chat...  Some people feel a camera draws attention to the house, might even encourage a burglar to target their homes...    At Usee, we believe a burglar will notice which homes have cctv, and which don't, and will target houses accordingly..   but, the evidence shows they will target the houses that won't be able to identify them in crystal clear, high definition imagery...  CCTV systems may not completely stop crime but it is a proven deterrent.  And if a crime is committed, the footage that our hd systems produce is able to identify suspects and help the gardai with their investigations...   Our cctv systems are professionally installed and simple to use.  We also have a platform which makes it easy to share footage with others

Personally, I have an intruder alarm, a cctv system, security lights, and a dog - and have never been broken into.  Neither have my neighbours.  

What do you think of cctv systems?  How would you feel if your neighbour was getting cameras fitted?  Let us know.....