You've bought a home... What's your next purchase?

Exciting times, buying a new home... Whether it's a new house, second hand, or self built...  Whether it's your first home, a holiday home, or your retirement home....  It's always a brand new start - and an opportunity to put your own personal stamp on the place!  

Where do you begin?  What's the first purchase you're going to make after you're handed the keys? A big flat screen tv for the Netflix binges?  A comfy couch to relax in after a long day at work?  Or, what about a dining room table and matching chairs for entertaining?  Of course, for that, you need a decent oven.  There's also the million little things that go into decorating your home... The carpets, the pictures, the lamps, the cushions, the vases, the coffee table, the kitchen ware, the bed linen....    Starting to hyperventilate at all that has to be done?  And how much it's all gonna cost?  Calm down, start with the basics and work your way through it ...  You can always sit on paint pots, eating Chinese takeaway off your laps, while watching OINB / football on the flat screen.  ;-)

It's funny though, how many people don't consider an intruder alarm a priority...  Think about it...  You're filling your home with the best you can afford.  With special items that you've taken the time to choose,  that you will value, look after, and hope will last for years to come.  And yet you treat the alarm as an after thought?  Solely as a requirement for the house insurance discount?  That's a foolish way to think. 

An alarm protects your home - and it's contents.  It helps prevent against coming home and finding your tv smashed, the couch ripped to shreds, your drawers rifled through, obscenities written on the wall...  Shocked?  So were we - the first time we witnessed it.  When we called out to give security advice... after a burglary.  It happens - more than it should. 

So, put a priority on your security.  Have a Usee alarm fitted before you start shopping for your 'essential' items...  Get the house.  Turn it into a fortress.  Then let it become your home. 

I'll leave the arguments on how much to spend / how to put a value on the alarm for another day!!  

And if you're broke after buying your home, and there's feck all to rob... Remember - it's not what you have, it's what they think you have...