How do you choose your alarm company?

How Do You Choose Your Alarm Company?

February 05, 2016

Need work done on your alarm system?  Maybe thinking of up grading, or do you need a brand new system?  Well, how do you choose which alarm company to use....

- Do you like to speak with a real person when you make a phone call?  Have someone listen to what you need and offer advice and options? 

- Do you like to do a little research first? Have a look at a website or facebook page?  Read some reviews maybe?  Is it current...  is it professional ... how does it reflect on the company ...

- Maybe you prefer to get some prices without speaking with anyone, get an idea of a budget first?  Can you get a price on line that clearly explains what's included without any hidden extras or a lot of technical jargon...

- Do you want someone to call to your home and asses what needs to be done to meet your specific, personal requirements?  And the person that calls out - do you want an engineer or a sales rep?  Do they have the technical knowledge to accurately assess your needs rather than figure out how much you're willing to spend and offer empty promises....

- Do you like when you're given an appointment, and it's kept?  Do you value manners and professional courtesy?

- Do you think engineers should always be well presented when entering your home?

- Do you want the work done by qualified, licensed, registered professionals who receive regular ongoing training?

- Do you like to develop a relationship with a company?  Speak to the same person on the phone, have the same engineer out to your home?  Or are you willing to settle for a different voice, a different name, an unfamiliar face that has to be told who you are and the history of your alarm every single time you call?

- Do you want the reassurance of a company entity behind the work?  To know that if there is ever an issue you have an address, a phone number, an e-mail, a face book page to contact, and that the issue will be addressed even if its a day, a week, a month,  a year down the road...  

- Do you expect the company to use tried and tested products that come with warranties and a reputation for being easy to use?

- Do you want a company that refuses to compromise on standards? That will advise you what is needed for your protection and offer solutions that work within your budget?  That has a conscience and will not cut corners that will leave your home vulnerable?

- Do you expect the engineer to talk you through your new system and clearly demonstrate how it works?  To wait as long as it takes for you to understand, rather than rushing off to another job?

- Do you expect value for money?

- Or, do you simply go with whoever offers the cheapest price?

At USEE - we promise to always do our best to meet your needs at every stage of the process, and beyond.  Remember, not all alarm companies are the same.