Your Alarm, Your Way...

When having an alarm fitted at your home, it's important to remember who is going to use it....  The installation engineer or you?   At Usee, we fit components to the external doors and windows as standard to help prevent an intruder entering your home...  But are you aware of the other bits & pieces you can add onto the system - like internal beams, smoke detectors, and key fobs? The panic buttons, and carbon monoxide detection units?   And, did you know we can set up certain commands on your keypad to suit your routine - arm the system at night but lets you open your bedroom windows, or arm the system when you're at home during the day but still allows you move freely within the house.... The most important factor to consider when designing an alarm is You, so have a think about your lifestyle and discuss it with your Usee engineer...

Do you have pets?  If so, you have to decide whether or not to fit internal beams, and where.  Or you can choose to fit the motion detectors but set up certain commands.   For instance, when Fido is left alone at home, the house is alarmed but the beam in the kitchen is turned off. When you're out taking Fido for a walk, the house, including the kitchen beam, is turned on.  Easy peasy... Not so easy when a beam is fitted and you have twelve dogs and a cat we didn't know about roaming around the house. 

Do you have children?  And if so, how old?  Do you want to know how to set your alarm when you're going to bed without the keypad loudly beeping? It does help to keep noise to a minimum when the kids are, finally, asleep....  Or, do you want to know when your alarm is armed / disarmed - it's a handy way of knowing when Junior comes in from school.

Nights are getting dark and burglaries are on the rise...  It helps to know you can arm the system in the evenings /.during the day while you're at home.  That no one can is coming in through the kitchen door while your family is watching X Factor in the living room or you're in the shower.. 

Ever thought what would you do if someone followed you home and forced you to turn off your alarm system under duress?  What would you do?  How about putting in a code to turn off the alarm while sending a silent panic alert to the guards?

Parts of your system can be inhibited at the touch of a button - such as the internal beams, or upstairs windows - but it's important to think about this before the engineer fits the alarm.  He will be able to assign certain zones to specific areas which will help you use your system as and when it suits You.

As you know, we fit components to the external windows and doors to protect your home's perimeter as standard - not all alarm companies do this... But we can also fit extra items to increase your level of security.  

Wireless carbon monoxide and smoke detectors can be fitted and programmed to alert the fire brigade.

Wireless key fobs can be used to arm / disarm the system - which can be handy for those who are a bit slow to get up the stairs or can't see the numbers on the key pad too well anymore...  Can also work as a panic alarm, in case of a fall.

We can set up alerts for key holders, such as arming / disarming times. Sometimes it helps to know when something hasn't happened...  it's gone 9 am and your elderly mother, who lives alone, hasn't turned off her alarm yet?? 

Here at Usee we endeavour to offer the best level of security we can, to suit your specific needs.  We always allow time for the engineer to sit with you and discuss your requirements in more detail and help show you how to use the alarm.  We're also available to offer technical support or answer any questions you may have going forward. 

It's your alarm, Use it your way.