Is your alarm engineer really doing a good job?

We often get calls from people that don't have a Usee alarm but 'just need a battery change'. "Nothing wrong with the alarm, haven't had a problem or an activation in years, but the battery light has come on... ". We always carry out a service with a battery change and, more often than we should, we come across alarms that serve No Purpose. ... If you have a fault, you need 'the problem' repaired, you don't need the 'problem area' removed from the system!! Please, please, please - if you need work done on your alarm system, get a qualified engineer. ... The attached pic is an example of an alarm system we came across today. I don't know how this clown of an 'engineer' was able to sleep at night - and the customer thought they had a fully functional alarm?! If you think your alarm is working fine, you may need to think again... There's plenty of clowns around willing to work cheap, but your security system shouldn't be a laughing matter.