Usee Becomes an Accredited Supplier of Irisys People Counting Technology

Did you know that Usee has supplied many different types of people counting technology over the years? Knowing how many people enter your retail premises and combining that with daily turnover provides a key performance indicator for all businesses. This indicator is call Conversion Rate. The better the figure the better for your business.


The real trick in this business is to nail down the accuracy of your counting system. Counting individuals entering a store one by one can be achieved using very simple devices, but if a crowd enters a premises and possibly passes a crowd leaving the premises only one manufacturer will do.

Enter Irisys Thermal people counting.

Irisys tracks the heat produced by each individual and is not fooled by trolleys, buggies or any strange items passing below the camera.

Irisys counters supplied by Usee send counting data directly to our cloud platform for easy viewing and vetting by store owners. We have even built technology that will respond to automated queries from your head office accounts software reducing the time you lose collating such information.

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