How does live remote cctv work by Usee

How does our system work?

Usee Adaptive video is a remote cctv monitoring and surveillance system designed to protect your property and your valuable assets. Usee cameras with pre-loaded adaptive analytic technology are installed at your premises. When the system is armed any activity within the protected area is transmitted live to our monitoring centre where trained intervention specialists will assess and act on the best available information.  Our intervention specialist will intervene and stop any would intruders before any crime is commited or any damage is done. 

Cameras at your property 

Existing camera systems

If you have an existing camera system, our engineering team will fit our adaptive video appliance which will turn each of your connected cameras into intelligent cameras. This is very cost effective where a perimeter recording system is already in place. 

New Camera systems

The adaptive video team will survey your property and come up with a new system design to protect your property in a cost effective way. A choice can be made between installing HD cameras with adaptive analytics or conventional analogue based on budget.  


Activity is detected at your premises 

Once an intruder enters a detection area covered by one of our cameras, powerful algorithmic software decides if the object detected is a person or an animal or something to ignore. The software decides this in a fraction of a second and will place a red box around an identified intruder. Live cctv footage is then instantly streamed to our monitoring centre.


Live Intervention takes place 

Our intervention specialists will instantly take action by warning would be intruders that they are trespassing. Intruders are warned that if they do not leave the protected area, the Gardai will be called. The audible warnings are personalised and loud causing intruders to leave the protected area immediately. 

Stopping Crime before it happens

Our monitoring team will ensure that the intruder leaves the protected area. Gardai and keyholders will be notified as per the agreed protocols. By stopping the crime before it happens, saves you the customers damage to your premises and loss of productivity associated with vandalism and break ins, not to mention valuable assets being stolen.