Donabate Village Cameras supplied by Usee

Late in 2014,the community facebook page Donabate Village addressed concerns about life in the community, the rise in crime in the Donabate / Portrane area, and asked for help in how to address and combat the issues.   As part of a proposed group initiative, Usee offered to provide the community of Donabate Village with a simple, but highly advanced, secure, cloud based, cctv system. The first of two promised cameras was fitted and put on test, and during this six month period Usee was able to assist the Gardai in a number of criminal investigations.  However, without the full support of the community behind the project the system cannot progress further or go fully 'live' at this time. Until support and full approval for the scheme has been given by the relevant community groups, the system will remain in test mode,  or may be removed. 


At the moment, therefore, we are unable to provide any footage from the system.