The importance of getting your alarm serviced regularly

You have an alarm system why do you need to get it serviced on a regular basis? Simple! to ensure that it is working.

You can't compare an alarm system with a television or a dishwasher because these items are tested on a daily basis. If the picture fades on the TV or the plates come out dirty from the dishwasher you know there is something wrong and you call in a repairman. Now, you can be setting your alarm every day, thinking all is well, only to find that the system fails just when you need it most.

Far too often a customer will say "after all, we never have the telly or the dishwasher serviced we just run it till it drops and then we get it repaired or throw it out and buy another so if it's okay with you, we'll do the same with the alarm system".

The problem with this idea is that your alarm system is different. For example, your dishwasher comes ready built in a strong box that you have to plug in and switch on. The alarm on the other hand comes ins a variety of bits in a kit form and has to be custom fitted into your premises. All the various pieces are wired together, the wires are run under floorboards or carpets, through walls, damp cellars, outside to the bell box, and a whole host of other areas that can be considered a "hostile environment". It may be one little piece of the alarm that is not working properly; the sensor in the spare bedroom, the wire coming down the wall (which now has a painting nailed to it), and it's this one fault that may allow access to a burglar.

When you sign a maintenance contract you know that your alarm, and every aspect and tiny piece of the system, will be checked to ensure it is fully operational on a regular basis. Also you have access to a 24 hour emergency number to ensure your peace of mind.

You have an alarm system make sure it works!

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