The Perils of "Default Settings"

They say you get what you pay for, and a little knowledge is dangerous.

No two sayings could be truer and the recent arrival of a website that allows the whole world look in on unsecured cctv systems and cameras proves this. Recently here at Usee HQ we were notified of this website ( We don't plan to advertise the site further here! ) and sure enough we were able to choose what country we wanted to see and sure enough there were hundreds, if not thousands of cameras we could look at. While many of the cameras were looking at anything from business receptions to people's driveways, many feeds were from cameras located inside their homes. Many people have installed cameras inside their homes, perhaps to look in on their pets, perhaps their babysitter or maybe just to have a look in should their alarm system activate. 

We at Usee appreciate one thing... CCTV is not a TOY, or a Gizmo. CCTV needs to be set up correctly to provide you with the added security you expect but more importantly it should never become a liability allowing you or your loved ones privacy to be compromised.

There are many installers in the marketplace these days who simply work under the illusion that they know what they are doing and are oblivious to the pitfalls of bad security protocols. Simply put, they are oblivious to what they don't know and it is their customers who pay the price. Professional companies like Usee charge a little more than your local handy man. This is because the staff of Usee are more qualified and keep up to date with all modern advances in technology and security updates.

Should you already have a system installed that is accessible on the internet and have concerns that your system is working on a default password call us any time on 01-8400300 and we can arrange a call out.