Backing up your CCTV footage to the cloud

Backing up your cctv footage to the cloud is a great way to secure vital evidence that can sometimes be lost due to a variety of reasons. If you have an analogue cctv system at your home or premises, it can easily be damaged or stolen by an intruder. We have come across many incidents in the past where the cctv recorder has been completely put beyond use by an intruder or even stolen. Even if you don't have a break in, hard drives and system failures can mean that your cctv evidence is lost. have the answer to this problem. Its called usee cloud connect. Our cloud connect device provides a means to back up selected cameras to the usee cloud. Once the video has been transmitted to our servers, its secure and can be played back on any mobile or desktop device. We have a number of storage plans ranging from 7 day to 30 day retention. In addition at anytime you can also live view your recorded cameras with our smartphone app. Protect your home and business with the Usee cloud,. 

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