Community CCTV in the Cloud

Cloud CCTV brings many cost advantages in the deployment of Community CCTV systems.

By enlisting businesses and property owners in high-street areas that currently have good quality broadband in their premises a Cloud CCTV system can be installed for little more than the price of the camera mounted on their building. Cloud CCTV has two costs, the cost of the camera and installation and the cost of the cloud service. The Usee Cloud is the best cost versus performance ratio for any community wanting to deploy countermeasures against anti social activity.

Tough control measures are always put in place to make sure all data protection concerns are met and only predetermined, Garda vetted personnel are allowed access to the system. All logins and viewing locations are recorded to further discourage misuse of the system.

Please see chart below for a very simple explanation of how this works.

Community Cloud CCTV