Advantages of Cloud CCTV

Cloud CCTV in smaller installations removes the recorder and its associated electrical footprint. A simple recorder can use 70-100 euro per year in electricity

Cloud CCTV enables Instant Playback of incidents which have just occurred.  Think of watching a YouTube video... this is how quick you can access your footage. You can look at a quick breakdown of your premises' daily activity in a matter of moments.

Access this CCTV footage from onsite or anywhere in the world instantly.

Watch multiple sites from the same login area. Have a camera located in each of your restaurants feeding directly to your desktop providing you excellent situational awareness.

Cloud CCTV provides you with a secure recording system that is not accessible by local operators if required. Only authorised people can see recorded footage and they are logged when they do so.

Cloud CCTV provides excellent solutions for Community CCTV, dispersed camera locations, and more usefully, single camera systems like the Usee ONE system. We find great use for this Cloud solution for customers who have many different manufacturers systems across their store network. For a very low cost they can deploy a harmonised system without having to remove their existing systems. Cloud CCTV can be an excellent CCTV solution for a bookies chain for instance. Most Bookies offices are a single room design where a high definition camera from Axis can view the whole room in incredible detail.

Usee supply Cloud CCTV services while also being authorised resellers of Axis Cameras and Avigilon Video Management Systems. We say the best CCTV system is a blend of good coverage with some of the cameras at a location being backed up to the Usee Cloud. The best of both worlds.