As Green as can be


When the two founding members Dave McDonnell and Bernard Pender of USEE sat down to imagine a headquarters for their business, they took inspiration from companies like Google and decided that renewable energy must form part of a coherent plan to build the most innovative carbon friendly facility in Ireland. It was decided in September 2012 to install a Five kW solar photovoltaic array on the roof of their premises in Donabate, Co Dublin. In conjunction with Warik Energy ( a renewable energy distributor) work started in October 2012.

Due to the orientation of the innovation factory- a support structure had to be built to give optimum alignment to the sun. Once this structure was installed and tested the solar panels could be lifted to the roof and put in place. Each panel produces 250 watts at peak and a total of 20 panels were installed. This equates to a peak generation capacity of 5 kilowatts. That,s enough to have two kettles constantly on the boil. 

Finally the electrical connections are made. electricity from the panels is generated at near 500 Volts DC and this needs to inverted to AC and stepped down to 220 volts for our use. A 5KW inverter was installed near the electrical consumer board. When all connections have been made and certified it was time to power up our system. The photo of the inverter was taken at 2.30 Pm on a winters afternoon- as you can see over 2KW of clean electricity being generated. 

We are looking forward to the summer at the innovation factory when we can export excess green energy for our neighbours at Redleaf Business Park to use. Usee have Serious security products - and a commitment to the environment