Sharing CCTV evidence made easy with Usee

At usee web services we have developed a new service called If you have ever had to back up an incident off a CCTv system, then this service is for you. Get rid of your cd's and memory sticks. No more burning multiple copies for the police, insurers, head office, your own copy and colleagues. All you have to do is open an account with Instantly you can save your incident footage to our secure private cloud servers. Once the incident is uploaded it is copied and available to play in your web based browser. Need to share that footage? no problem simply add the email addresses of your associates or the Gardai. Each added associate will receive their own link to view and download the footage immediately. One of the features of is that you can add an incident report to any of your uploaded footage. This is invaluable when you might be accessing footage some years later for a court case or insurance claim. just makes it easy to save, share and store your video evidence. Its secure and your footage can only be viewed or accessed by the account holder and authorised sharees. To get your license now contact us on 01-8400300