Megapixel by Usee

Megapixel cameras take video surveillance to the next level by providing much higher resolution than traditional security cameras. The improved resolution not only results in clearer video images, it also significantly increases the camera's field of view without any loss in image detail. In fact, a single Megapixel camera can monitor areas that would ordinarily require multiple surveillance cameras. Consider how many cameras it takes to monitor locations such as casinos, car parks, construction sites, and retail stores. In a car park, for instance, it's now possible for a single Megapixel camera to cover the entire area. In fact at our innovation factory we have a single 20 Megapixel Camera giving a complete overview of the front of our building, main entrance to the estate and entrances to three other sub estates. And because of the high resolution and greater image detail, we can zoom in on specific portions of the recorded scene to identify individuals and license plate numbers. It's all about enhancing the quality of the recorded images, as well as providing high-definition live video streams.

Megapixel IP cameras are especially useful for surveillance applications where details are critical for identification and evidential purposes. Banks, airports, and other high-security areas are good examples, as are retail locations requiring point-of-sale monitoring. But with camera prices dropping as the technology becomes more readily available, the use of magapixel cameras for all types of surveillance applications is sure to increase steadily in the coming year. If you have an existing Analogue system we are now offering our USEE MP two hybrid NVR which will absorb your legacy equipment and augment it with the latest High Definition cameras. 

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Have a look at the playback quality of a 2 Megapixel camera by Zavio available through - ensure the quality on the video is set to 1080P to ensure max quality