A Usee recorder is for Life


Usee Evidential Video Recorder user features


Here are some of the features that are standard on our USEE Machines

  • User Friendly, point and click. You can search and playback as easy as you would surf the web.

  • Fast: Extremely fast footage retrieval - Intelligent search options eliminate hours spent viewing and reviewing footage to find the footage you require.

  • High Definition Ready, ready to take High Definition Evidential quality cctv cameras - If you are familiar with Sky HD - that’s the minimum level of clarity and resolution you will see on your screen.

  • Remote Viewable, either through your iPhone, iPad, or android, not to mention an identical display using your laptop from home or abroad. Its just like sitting at the machine in your premises.

  • On Site viewing, multi monitor ready, you can playback footage while also having live view being displayed on other monitor.

  • Robust, built in an industrial rack-mount case with state of the art components. All components are sourced by us and in the event of maintenance being required can be replaced same day.

  • Storage, increase your storage needs easily - need 30 days , 60 or 90 - no problems - let us know and we will configure the machine to your needs. Future expansion is simple, using our hot-swap bays on the front of the machine. Insert hard drive and we can set it up over the web.

  • Remote servicing, minimal downtime assured by our unique dial-in tech support, and automatic system reporting. If a camera fails, we will know about it before you do! saves on costly engineering call out’s.

  • Recording of an initial 16 analogue cameras to pick up existing hardware.

  • Full live playback - it’s what we call real life view.

  • Capability for adding up to a maximum of 32 cameras to the system.

  • Option of adding our proprietary till-spy to the system with full log reporting of till transactions from all tills in the premises.

  • Built in counting analytics, useful if you want to get an idea of footfall percentages.

  • Built in missing object detection (patrons property) and foreign object detection, useful when trying to keep your delivery yard clear.

  • Energy Efficient, most energy efficient enterprise class DVR currently in the Irish market.

  • 1 year free online and telephone support with weekly reporting.

system scenarios examples

A customers handbag goes missing

Instantly search using the powerful Usee analytics to show within seconds when or if the bag went missing. Identify the culprit within minutes. No more delays searching through lots of footage. The great thing about this powerful feature is its simple to use. No more waiting for the person who Knows how to use the machine to arrive into work - search features can be used remotely. share the evidence instantly with the Gardai, company directors, managers and the patron affected through Evidence.ie.

A staff member slips and may submit a claim

Capture the incident as in real life with our full motion recording. No more time lapsed missed footage- see what happened clearly and if the incident warrants further investigation.. Vault the footage offsite on Evidence.ie for 5 years in case its needed for a future claim.

Takings are down but the restaurant/bar are very busy

Count how many people are entering your bar / restaurant . combine this with your till data on the recorder. All recorded for easy analysis. People counting and till analysis is known to deter shrinkage and till fraud. Know instantly how many people have frequented your premises.


we can supplement cameras entering your premises with our Mugshot cam - Get high definition photographic quality footage of every person entering your premises. Very useful in identifying good as well as bad customers.

The Gardai need footage of an incident

Simple burn and vault - no need for memory sticks , cds etc , Just vault and share to our evidence cloud . No more engineer call outs. In addition as the machine is monitored and reported on - never have the situation of not knowing if your machine is recording or not recording, a common problem.

Future proof

The only machine you will ever buy - All parts fully upgrade-able , plus once the machine is maintained and serviced as per manufacturer's full 3 year warranty.

contact us for a full demonstration of the USEE Machine on 018400300 or email info@usee.ie